There are also two groups of complications of the disease.

Manifested in the form of itraconazole pills, pulmonary edema, abscess, gangrene, respiratory failure. Extrapulmonary. It is characterized by acute cor pulmonale, intoxication psychosis, meningitis, sepsis, kidney dysfunction.

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A comprehensive examination is used to diagnose unilateral or bilateral pneumonia at different stages. It includes clinical tests of blood, urine, sputum and mucus from the throat, x-rays of the lungs, as well as auscultation.

For the reliability of the indicators, the sampling of biomaterial is carried out before antibiotic therapy and two weeks after its passage.

With the help of itraconazole pills, the causative agent of the disease is detected and its type is established, and the severity of the pathology is also determined.

Radiography allows you to determine the location of the focus of inflammation in the lungs. Auscultation allows you to determine the degree of damage to the bronchi and inflammation of sporanox 100mg pills. It is carried out by listening to the chest with a phonendoscope or a stethoscope.

A full-fledged diagnostic complex allows you to accurately determine the type and stage of bronchopneumonia, as well as select the appropriate treatment, which is carried out in a hospital.

For the treatment of catarrhal bronchopneumonia and the relief of inflammatory processes, the following is prescribed.

After stabilization of body temperature, it is recommended to undergo a course of chest massage and inhalations with drugs that make breathing easier. The therapeutic course should be prescribed by a doctor. In pediatrics, the intake and dosage of medications is strictly controlled by a pulmonologist.

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To improve the dynamics of recovery and increase the effectiveness of conservative therapy, the use of alternative methods of treatment is allowed. The most effective traditional medicine has mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties. In acute bronchopneumonia, such methods of therapy are contraindicated.

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Adults and the elderly should be systematically vaccinated against streptococcal infections. Children at risk need to be vaccinated against pneumonia. When working in hazardous industries, use professional protective equipment. Carefully observe personal hygiene. Systematically strengthen the body's immune system. Stop smoking tobacco products and drinking alcohol.

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To live an active lifestyle. Include daily walks in your daily routine. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Get regular preventive checkups. Prevent exacerbations of chronic diseases. Carry out hardening of the body. Regularly visit gyms. Avoid chest injury.

Bronchopneumonia is one of the most common types of pneumonia. The disease responds well to early treatment. Therefore, in order to prevent negative consequences and complications, it is recommended that when the first symptoms appear, it is urgent to seek qualified help from a pulmonologist.

It is necessary to observe the prevention of sporanox that are related to provoking factors.

Bronchopneumonia is an inflammatory pathology of infectious etiology that affects the structures of the bronchopulmonary apparatus. In weakened persons, children and the elderly, the disease develops on its own. But most often bronchopneumonia is a complication of sporanox inflammation of the pharynx, tonsils, larynx, trachea. The disease occurs equally often among men and women of any age.

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Treatment of the disease is etiotropic, antimicrobial. Patients are prescribed antibiotics according to the results of an antibiogram - a test for the sensitivity of the infectious agent. Patients with severe intoxication and a general serious condition are hospitalized in a hospital. In the absence of fever and complications, treatment is carried out at home.

In addition to antibiotic therapy, drugs of symptomatic and pathogenetic effects are used.

To avoid the development of bronchopneumonia, it is necessary to treat ARVI in time and with high quality, as well as strengthen the immune system by hardening, sports, and nutrition.

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The cause of bronchopneumonia is an infection. The human body is infected with pathogenic biological agents of various families, genera and species. In children, causative agents of bronchopneumonia are most often viruses. influenza and parainfluenza, adenoviruses, coronoviruses, herpes, enteroviruses, rhinoviruses. Young people aged 20-35 are infected with mycoplasmas and chlamydia. The cause of pathology in adults is usually bacteria - streptococci and staphylococci. Elderly people and cancer patients are mainly affected by fungal infections - candida and aspergillus.

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Bronchopneumonia, depending on the conditions of occurrence and the type of pathogen, is divided into two large groups - community-acquired or household and hospital or nosocomial. The causative agents of community-acquired bronchopneumonia are pneumococci in 80% of cases, as well as hemophils, mycoplasmas, chlamydia, legionella, moraxella, Klebsiella, some enterobacteria, coccal microflora. Hospital bronchopneumonia develops within three days from the moment the patient enters the hospital.

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This is a conditional etiological classification of the disease, taking into account the age category of patients. In children, the factors provoking the development of pathology are. prematurity, intrauterine hypoxia, malformations, birth injuries, vertical infection of the fetus from a sick mother. Microbes enter the body by aerogenic way when communicating with a sick person, by contact - through dirty hands, by hematogenous way - in the presence of chronic foci of infection in the body.

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In response to the introduction of bacteria and viruses into the bronchial and lung tissue, local immunity is activated, inflammation develops. The mucous membrane of the bronchi and bronchioles swells, overflows with blood, hyperproduction of the mucous secretion by glandular cells occurs. Bronchopneumonia is usually accompanied by the formation of a mucous exudate that fills the bronchi and alveoli. That is why it is also called catarrhal pneumonia.

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Due to inflammation, the bronchi cease to fully perform the function of drainage, which leads to aspiration of infected mucus into the distal structures of the bronchopulmonary apparatus. The lower and posterior segments of the lungs become inflamed. In the affected tissues, microcirculation is disturbed, the alveoli are filled with exudate and lose their airiness. Ischemia, activation of lipid peroxidation and local sensitization are the processes underlying the pathology.

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Bronchopneumonia is characterized by a multiplicity of itraconazole foci affecting one or more pulmonary lobes. The affected areas are gray-yellow in color with a dry consistency. In children, they are not separated and tend to merge. The risk group for this pathology is. Newborns and children under 3 years old, Persons of retirement age, Patients with chronic lung diseases, People with heart pathologies, Experienced smokers. Unilateral bronchopneumonia - the development of a pathological process in the lung tissue on the right or left. On the one hand, the formation of a lesion is associated with the penetration of a large number of microbes into this area and the accumulation of infection in one place.




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Right-sided bronchopneumonia occurs when the primary lesion is located on the left. This unusual pattern is due to the location of the main right bronchus obliquely from top to bottom. This feature leads to the concentration of bacteria in the lower lung. Left-sided bronchopneumonia is a complication of a cold.



This form of pathology is often asymptomatic or atypical, which makes it difficult to carry out diagnostic and treatment procedures and makes it life-threatening.

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Bilateral bronchopneumonia is called croupous by pulmonologists. Outwardly, the lesions resemble grains of sporanox pills. First, the alveolar acini become inflamed, and then the entire lung tissue. Bilateral bronchopneumonia occurs mainly in children and is characterized by an extremely severe course. In the absence of timely therapy, a fatal outcome is possible.

Bronchopneumonias are segmental, focal-segmental and focal. The latter form of pathology is considered the most common. It is characterized by the formation of foci of 1 cm or more in the lung tissue. Regardless of the type and localization of the lesion, all forms of pathology have common pathogenetic mechanisms.